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How it works

Step 1: Capture screen

Install the guide magnet extension and record the flow step-by-step.

Step 2: Easily Customize

Blur private information, add a personalized widget, and download GIF MP4

Step 3: Share & Embed

Share your interactive guide by providing a link or embedding it on a website.

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Collaborate with your team and Design
to match your brand

Form teams to collaborate on, share, and organize various guides. Customize widgets and text to align with your brand and style.

Record Screenshots
Download as GIF, MP4
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Easily Embed into your existing app and
View Analytics

Gain key insights into engagement and conversion. Integrate seamlessly into webpages or share on Notion and Slack for optimized marketing strategies.

Gather Insights
Embed Anywhere
Share Link

Supercharge product demos with the power of

Harness the potential of AI to align annotation colors with your brand and create intelligent annotation text and voiceovers!

Automatic Text Annotations
Synthetic AI Voiceovers
Contrast Colors
AI Translations
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Create precise and useful onboarding guides for new customers

Guide Magnet will help you create attractive guides to onboard new customers in a fast and easy manner.

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Seamless and Easy

The chrome extension will help you create demos and guides in the matter of seconds.

Custom branding

Widgets and text are configured to match your brand and style.

Embed and Share

Guides can easily be embedded into other webpages or shared on popular apps like Notion, Slack and much more.


Get valuable insights by looking at engagement, views and conversion data.


Group similar guides into spaces. Share the space as a playlist of guides.

Smart editing with AI

Use the power of AI to match the annotation colors to your brand, smart annotation text and voiceovers!.

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Here is how Guide Magnet can help you

Make support tasks easier

Simplify support tasks effortlessly with our solution.

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